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Viale Lido di Noto, Noto Marina - 96017 Noto (SR) - Italia
+39 0931 812190
+39 335 6797216
GPS: Lat. 36.85850602532018 Lon. 15.116865634918213

How to Reach Us

By PLane:
The international airport "Fontanarossa" in Catania is 80 km from Noto.
Information on flights:
Tel. 1478-65643 / 095-252111
By Bus:
Connection to and from the airport, through A.S.T and INTERBUS Bus
For information: Tel. 0931-464906 / 0931-66710
by Train:
Noto is connected to the main Italian cities by the network of RAILWAYS to Syracuse with continuation to Noto.
For information: Tel. 1478/88088 (7:00 / 21:00 hours)
By Car:
Noto is reached along the highways A 18 Me-CT-SR and A 19 PA-CT-SR, EXIT NOTO and continue towards LIDO DI NOTO.

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